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Starting out in 2023, STOANEY FARMS began as a medicinal grow between a husband and wife in Upstate NY. Initially they began with the strain Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Autoflower, perfecting it to yield over a half lb and resulting in 28% THCa.


STOANEY FARMS over time experimented with seeds from breeders such as Exotic Genetix, SolFire Gardens, Compound Genetics, Nasha Genetics, and more. Breeding their own seeds, pheno hunting and selecting the best traits and qualities to yield the best of the best! 


Practicing and implementing a perfected growing regiment, technique, and schedule of nutrients, ensures our finished product is the smoothest, cleanest, strongest and loaded with terpenes that will blow you away! 

STOANEY FARMS  is a private club. Must have a membership to have a consult and/or purchase, membership costs $20/year. Membership fees will be used as a bonus fund to allow for the availability of bonuses and giveaways. Membership gets you early bird specials on Clothing and Apparel. 


We only offer custom clothing and apparel by order and must be approved to be valid. We like to include a free bonus to our members with their orders. Different prices result in respectively increasing sizes of bonus gifts. Ask about our growers consultation and rehabilitation services. 


Disclaimer: Our seeds and bonuses items are solely novelty items and souvenirs. All Products test under 0.03% THC. All products are THCa. We encourage our customers to check their legislation and their municipality prior to receiving any souvenirs from this store. Bonuses are not a guarantee. Thank you.